In addition to the supply of electricity and gas, we also offer in cooperation with our sister company:

Expert activities

> Inspections for reserved electrical, gas, pressure and hoisting equipment.
> Vibration diagnostics, thermal imaging diagnostics, non-destructive checks (RT, PT, VT etc.) and consulting in material diagnostics.
> Supply and implementation of a system with online access to information about energies and its subsequent processing into reports (time and relational report of production).

Service and installation of electrical equipment, boilers, and rotating equipment

> Drying of transformers and transformer oil.
> Cleaning and impregnation of motor and transformer windings, distribution boards and other equipment.
> Specialized measurements (insulation resistance, dissipation factor, voltage conversions ...).
> Installation, repair and maintenance of quipment without voltage limits.
> Comprehensive services associated with the district heat systems.

Chemical services

> Accredited chemical lab services (analysis of solid fuels and bio fuels, industry water, oils etc.).