One-time purchase

This is the standard purchase of the entire volume of gas expected for the relevant calendar year as of a certain date determined by the customer.
EN Graf plyn jednorázový nákup

Tranche purchasing

This purchase takes place in several steps. Under certain circumstances, gas sellback is possible. The purchase/sale takes place once the customer submits the instruction, or automatically at a predetermined time, up to the customer’s expected demand.

The following products and combinations thereof can be used for price calculation:
> Annual period – EEX NCG CAL
> Quarterly period – EEX NCG Q
> Monthly period – EEX NCG M

Purchases can take place on the basis of floating prices where the customer decides immediately depending on the price at the exchange (BEST ASK PRICE), or on the basis of the closing price on the relevant trading day (SETTLEMENT/CLOSING PRICE).

Either a coefficient, which already includes the cost of shaping the customer’s load profile and the trader’s margin, is added to the above price, or the price of the product is multiplied by a coefficient and the result is the resulting price for the customer.

We also offer the option of automatic purchases for a certain interval of time (e.g. January to October), where gas is purchased every day within this interval (depending on the determined product) and the average of these prices forms the resulting price.

We are aware that each customer has different needs, and therefore also offer bespoke products tailored to the customer’s requirements.
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Rate structure

The resulting price has a single-rate structure and is fixed throughout the relevant billing period. Arrangements can also be made for a different rate structure meeting the customer’s requirements.

The Bonus Module

We offer large-demand customers the option of granting a discount off the resulting gas price when the customer decides to specify its hourly demand within agreed time limits and the estimated demand falls within pre-agreed hourly tolerance limits.