Veolia’s priority is to give the employees a working environment that will enable them to channel as much energy and talent as possible into achieving the common corporate goals and customer satisfaction. This is why Veolia creates above-standard working conditions, offers attractive benefits and places emphasis on professional development, employee education and occupational safety.

Employee education

Veolia has been focusing on improving its employees’ qualifications and education – one of the group’s priorities – for a long time. This is an inseparable part of its corporate culture and a major factor differentiating the company on the market. The Institute of Environmental Services (IES) provides comprehensive training for Group employees with a broad range of courses and instructional programmes, many of which are accredited by the Ministry of Education. IES is an important member of Veolia’s network of international training centres – the Veolia Campuses.

Occupational safety

Veolia has undertaken to provide even better protection from work-related risks to all employees and improve workplace safety. As well as employee education, occupational safety is the second strategic item defined for the entire Veolia Group on an international level. The principal OHS rules contained in the Labour Code and ISO standards are also provided in labour safety codes. Employees undergo professional as well as first aid training.

Manager's Code of conduct

The Manager’s Code of Conduct is an indispensable tool for building Veolia Group’s corporate culture, as it allows it to achieve greater internal cohesion, gain momentum and vigour and better respond to the incessant change of the market.


Veolia places great emphasis on social cohesion and stability, in particular during organisational changes. This is why it pays a great deal of attention to the quality of social dialogue with bodies representing the employees, as well as to respecting the principles of diversity, equal opportunities and combating all forms of discrimination. Veolia Group pursues a recruitment policy designed so as to facilitate finding a job to people who are disadvantaged on the labour market.

Manager's Code of Conduct (CZ)

Occupational Safety Code (CZ)

Always Safe Rules (EN)